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Featured: Kruithnes Recipe Tracker

In the downtime before Legion I’ve heard about an amazing new resource from @Kruithne. Anyone who knows me understands that I have a penchant for being a completionist. I love collecting achievements, mounts, pets, toys – absolutely everything!

Kruithne has developed an extremely useful website which allows you to track which recipes you have collected for each of your in game professions. Previously I used Ackis Recipe List for this, which uses an interface in game to deliver the information – however I did find it awkward to use on occasion and the information I required wasn’t always immediately apparent.

kru1 (2)

Kruithne’s resource delivers this information in what I find a very visually appealing format. It is perfectly clear at a glance exactly what I am missing and upon hovering over an item you get an idea of a good location to start looking for it. If you click on an item you also get a direct link in a new tab to the related Wowhead page so you can get more information on the items location.

The website keeps a track of the characters you’ve recently searched for and by simply pressing the ‘C’ key you can swap between all of your alts. As well as this, by pressing the ‘F’ key you can search for a specific item if you happen to come across a particular recipe on your travels.

At present you can track all primary professions, aside from Herbalism and Skinning, as well as First Aid and Cooking.You can also view what you’ve previously collected that is now unobtainable.

Needless to say upon starting to use this site I’ve had the page open in my browser constantly. As a result of this my last few weeks in Azeroth have been spent collecting all the recipes I’ve overlooked in order to fill up my recipe completion bar to 100%. I’d highly recommend favoriting this page if you’re interesting in collecting things in game – and even if you aren’t – a few of these world drops sell for hundreds of thousands of gold!

Visit to get started!


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