Warlords of Draenor

Preparing for the Legion

It won’t be long now until Legion arrives for us all and I can’t wait to have some new content to consume. However, with the Legion pre-patch imminent I’ve started looking over things I would like to finish before it arrives.

For most of Warlords of Draenor I’ve been subbed, so I do have a lot of the primary things I’d like to complete done already. Some of the things I still have left to do will be leaving the game temporarily though or becoming unobtainable, so now is the time to finish them.

Complete 8/8 Gold Challenge Modes

Needless to say anyone who follows me on Twitter knows this is something that’s been an ongoing challenge for the last month or so. The team now stand at 6/8 completed – with just Upper Blackrock Spire and Skyreach left to do. We’re hoping to find time to finish these by the end of this month but it can be difficult finding a time around everyone’s schedule, especially with me working 11 hour shifts at present.

6/8 Gold Challenge Modes completed

Obtain the Predator Title

On my hunter I still need to complete the Order of the Awakened reputation as I’m currently halfway through revered. I’ve completed all the other prerequisites to be able to do this but I’ve just been lazy with the Tanaan reputations as I don’t particularly enjoy doing them.

Order of the Awakened Reputation: 

Finish the Brawlers Guild

With the Brawler’s Guild being shut in Legion these achievements are becoming a priority for me. Currently I’m up to the Ahoo’ru fight, which is the last one before obtaining Rank 8. I also have a few achievements here I need to complete for beating the rare and special Brawler’s bosses which I’d like to get finished off.

Rank 7/8 in the Brawler’s Guild

Earn the Master & Commander Achievement

I’m currently needing to defeat just Mage Lord Gogg’nathog and Annihilon on my hunter. Whilst this achievement won’t be going away in Legion I imagine it will be a lot more difficult to do as less people will be running old content. I have Server Hop set up to constantly search for these groups whilst I’m doing dailies on my hunter so hopefully I’ll see a group for these two before Legion.

2/6 Bosses remaining

Complete 50 Garrison Invasions

For this one I simply need to put the time into it. Groups are going all the time however my current progress is only 13/50 so I just keep putting these off. I intend to put a lot more effort into it in the coming weeks – possibly trying to do at least one a day until I’m done.

13/50 Garrison Invasions complete

Obtain the Divide and Conquer Achievement

This is the last achievement I need in Ashran so it is one I’d like to get finished so I never have to go there again. I currently stand at approximately 4300/5000 kills so again I just need to put in the effort to finish this.

4300/5000 kills

Finish the Argent Tournament Hordeside

I’m faction changing my hunter when the Legion pre-patch launches (and my bag space is cleared of the transmog) and moving it across to Silvermoon to play with friends there, but before I go I want to finish the Horde side of the Argent Tournament so I can cross that off my to-do list. I currently have 4 more of the faction mounts to get. At 100 seals each I’m estimating another 3 weeks of dailies which I’ve been making great progress on recently.

4 mounts remaining

I’ve mostly wrote this as I love to have lists of things I need to do as it helps me focus more on getting them done, but I’ll probably return and cross things off as I love to see my progress on tasks I set myself.

Is anyone else using the downtime before Legion to concentrate on finishing some things they’ve been putting off for a while? Let me know what you’re working on in case I missed something! It may help your motivation to make a list of what you want to focus on – plus it means you wont forget anything!


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