Warlords of Draenor

Getting into drawing again

As a kid I loved art. I would happily spending hours drawing and colouring in. Since I started secondary school though I began focusing on more academic things such as science and maths.

I’ve wanted to start drawing again for ages. I love the artwork the WoW community does. A lot of the art I see posted on Twitter is amazing. I don’t aspire to be that good. I understand it’s serious dedication and commitment and unfortunately I just don’t have time at the moment for that. I do want to start drawing again just for me though. I find it so relaxing. I want to learn to colour and shade artwork like all those amazing artists do.

Hopefully by the end of the year I actually set out to do something about this. I want a crappy tablet to draw a bit on when I get some free time and a decent program to start using.

I drew a bit today. I tried to sketch an idea for my druid in WoW. In MS Paint. With my mouse. It’s not amazing and I didn’t spend ages on it but it’s made me reminisce for the old times and I think I’m going to get what I need and start doing this for downtime. It’s something to do at least when I’m camping all the rares I need on Timeless Isle.

Aeyla Sketch


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