About Me

I’m Viki, a 25 year old gamer currently living in England.

I first got into gaming as a child when I got introduced to the Sega Megadrive and the numerous Disney games I had for it. From there I moved to the Playstation, Xbox 360 and finally to my PC. I mostly tend to play MMOs, however I do own an Xbox One for when a new RPG comes out.

Though I do occasionally stray to other games or consoles, World of Warcraft is the game that I just keep coming back to. I played on a friend’s account back in Vanilla and I got my own account towards the end of Wrath as a few of my Uni friends started playing again.

The most appealing thing about WoW for me is the fantasy elements throughout it. I grew up as an avid reader of fantasy novels and the way in which WoW has brought these aspects over into a game that I can keep playing and grows with me is what I love most about it.

My Current World of Warcraft Characters:

Anáriel – Beast Mastery Hunter

Aeÿla – Resto Druid